What is FTTH?
Fibre to the Home (FTTH) refers to a broadband telecommunication services based on fibre optic cables and associated optical electronics for delivery of multiple advanced services such as telephone, broadband internet and television to homes and businesses. This new technology will be provided by optical fibre to residential gated communities by providing multiple services by One Service provider.


In today's world everybody wants their home to be a technology and future ready. With this kind of requirement it's become essential to ensure availability of quality bandwidth & speed, no matter what want for, be it home broadband for Web browsing or Games, video conferencing, live movies or HDTV, home automation etc. FTTH's availability in any gated community, will makes your entire living experience different. Super fast internet connection, Wi-Fi access, Video phone, HDIPTV and voice over IP services are some of the amazing benefits of the FTTH technology over an ordinary broadband or wireless data card.

The Advantages of FTTH
  • Uninterrupted Voice/ Video/ Data services.
  • Wi-Fi access points within the premises
  • Super fast Internet Experience
  • Video door phone
  • Video IP phone
  • IP enables surveillance cameras
  • Servers and active infrastructure
  • Intercom

Benefits of FTTH
  • Dealing with one Vendor for all your service co-ordinations
  • Structured cabling system in your Building or Gated community
  • No Multiple cables means easy to manage wiring system
  • Moving services from one room to other quickly and without breaking and wiring
  • The Interiors / Painting are not disturbed.
  • Easy to switch from one service provider company to another without changing any equipment.
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