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We believe, No matter what Business you do, Skytel Video Conference can help you do your business better.
Video conferencing can be fun, cost effective, easy and smart for every user. With endless Scalability, Seamless Experience and point -to-point, you can expand your video conference group and enjoy high-quality, face-to-face experiences. Communications that are fast, precise and allows for visualization have become more important than ever before. The powerful video conferencing solution Place Cam 3 can take your company's internal and external communication needs to the next level: You can increase the efficiency of your employees while saving travel expenses and time.

Regardless whether a specialist has to briefly join a meeting, directly from his desk in the office, from home office, or a team meeting needs to be carried out as a video conference, our products help you do just that – easily and reliably.

PLACE CAM3 - The Multipoint Desktop Videoconferencing Software from Daviko

The IP-based videoconferencing software Place Cam 3 combines the best of peer-to-peer technology and client-server systems.

What you all need is

High Definition LCD TV or
Head Phone / Clear Chat /
Microphone + Speakers
High Definition Camera

And Of Course Place cam 3 Software

An intermediate and costly server (MCU) is not required. With Place Cam 3 you can conduct multipoint videoconferences. The H.264/AVC video encoding standard and the 16-kHz sampling and voice-optimized compression provide the highest image resolution possible and excellent sound quality.

The low bandwidth requirements, the AES 256 bit encryption of all data, conferences through firewalls and NAT routers, application sharing, chat function, file transfer, the option of recording videoconferences and 12 interface languages - these are only a few of the benefits offered by Place Cam 3. With Place Cam 3 you can also set up a SIP-based connection to classic room videoconferencing systems and deploy the latest hardware such as HD webcams, USB speakerphones or the 360° panorama camera.

Application Sharing

When collaborating with colleagues, you can show them what you want directly in your application, regardless whether you are working in Excel, Word or on a webpage in your browser. Furthermore, you can grant other conference members the permission to edit content directly in your application. And you can mark selected texts to highlight important points. Collaboration has never been easier.

Chat function

Every videoconference participant can use the chat function, which allows participants to exchange written notes among each another; the notes can be shared with either all members or only with selected ones. This increases the wealth of information that can be exchanged during an ongoing video conference.

Recording videoconferences

The moderator has the option of recording a videoconference locally, including all application sharing sessions and the chat history. The wmv file that is created in the process can be played back at anytime with the Windows Media Player. This way you can provide the videoconference to those employees who were not able to attend.

Outlook plugin for scheduling videoconferences with Outlook

You can schedule videoconferences in Outlook with ease using the new Place Cam 3 plugin. The plugin allows you to plan videoconferences by using the Outlook calendar function. The invited participants are reminded of the upcoming conference by a calendar popup. By simply clicking the link in the calendar, users can launch Place Cam 3 and join the conference.

Scalable video image sizes up to HD quality

If you are looking for a way to hold videoconferences with excellent video image quality, you no longer need complex and costly room videoconferencing systems. Place Cam 3 offers scalable video images from 240 x 144 pixels upward including full HD quality.

Connecting to room videoconferencing system with SIP

Place Cam 3 can easily integrate with room videoconferencing systems from established Hardware manufacturers. The only thing you need is a SIP connection to these systems. This gives you enormous flexibility when contacting external business partners and connecting them to a video conference.

References – many satisfied customers are the best form of advertisement

PlaceCam 3 has come to be used in a variety of industries: the industrial sector, logistics, newspaper and magazine publishing, hospitals, environmental agencies, e-learning and much more. Our customers include RWE, NEC, HIPP, Sennheiser, MAERSK, Villeroy & Boch, Lufthansa, the Charité, and Greenpeace. We hope that we can also welcome you soon to our club.

Start today and place you trust in our expertise and many years of experience. Test out Place Cam 3 in your company. You will experience firsthand a modern videoconferencing solution with a number of innovative features.